A Name Is Worth A Thousand Convos

A Name Is Worth A Thousand Convos

Dainty Things & Co name has been so controversial and I'm so excited to have this platform to unbox who we are, how we came up with our name, its meaning, & our mission.

We are an online women's store that houses contemporary, dainty, exclusive accessories & fashion. That plans to branch out into other areas of fashion. We wanted a term that was synonymous with pretty and dainty echoed to us. Bring it all together with; the clothes, accessories, & branching out added up to Dainty Things & Co. for us. 

Next, let's get right into one of our most asked questions; is dainty for smaller women? Absolutely not, we carry small-3X and 4X in some styles.



The Dainty One


“The world is your runway let us get you dressed!”

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I love the inclusivity for all body types! And the name fits the brand beautifully!

Erica Danyale

I love this! Your appreciation for this business resonates in all that Dainty Things represent. Very nice!

Renee Spurlin

Always a pleasure shopping with the Most Daintiest!!! Fast and easy process everytime with no issues!!!

Aubrey J McElfresh

Great read. Love the insight into the background and mission behind the brand.


Any thing for men?

Reginald Graves

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